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Nancy Douglas.jpg
I am an illustrator and teaching artist
living in Kingston, Ontario.

I love my job!
I am curious about most things, especially 20th Century History. People intrigue me. The research that goes into my illustration work brings me great joy. I like to collaborate and brainstorm.

I like rearranging furniture.

Museum curators are cool.
Genealogy is cool.
Bow ties are cool.

My teaching evolved from art experiences I had with my children. I learned a lot from the everyday fun of two young boys. Teaching continues to inform my artwork. 
I enjoy the freedom that workshop teaching brings, and look forward to new projects in elementary schools, universities, galleries, and museums. Workshops in schools begin with collaboration. I find brainstorming with classroom teachers and professors exhilarating! Art making can be customized to illustrate a text that students are learning about, or a subject matter relevant to their neighbourhood and around the globe. Some of my all-time favourite collaborations became the following workshops:
  • OECD Better Life Index becomes a paper mobile (Queen's Faculty of Education, Geography) 
  • Alchemy and the Periodic Table becomes sculpture (Royal Military College, text: Frankenstein)
  • 1901 Census of Canada & Neighbourhood Walkabout (Sydenham PS Grade 7/8, Indigenous Studies)
  • Giant Neighbourhood Fantasy Maps(Frontenac PS & First Ave. PS, Gr 4/5 My Magical Neighbourhood)
  • Super Hero Self Portraits/Finding strength with friends (Non Profit- Art for Epilepsy, Adult)
My current commission incorporates all elements of my art practice: drawing, painting, collage, photography, collaboration and research. This illustration for the Royal Military College, is called the Four Pillars Art Project. This two-year adventure began with thirty interviews. I was able to gather stories and ideas from Officer Cadets, Staff, and Faculty. These interviews and collaborations with museum curators enriched my illustration. Each of the Pillars is depicted with collage on 3' by 4' wood panel. Three of the four illustrations are complete! I'll be uploading more images of my process here. Please check it out!
Are you interested in hiring me for teaching? See more information about my teaching experience here , and fun photos showing collaborations, here. To find out about my teaching philosophy and how I became a teaching artist, read the article I posted here. Feel free to call or email with your ideas for illustration, teaching and collaboration. I look forward to hearing from you!
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