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My career as an illustrator began in 1993 when I convinced someone that I wasn’t still at art college. Since then, my illustrations have depicted difficult subject matter, accompanied humorous articles and portrayed the likeness of famous and unknown persons.

It is the ‘unknown’ that attracts me to the artist’s life. Each illustration job is a puzzle to be solved. My current fine art series is an autobiographical puzzle. Using large scale drawings and collage elements, I'm asking myself “How did all of me begin?”


My art practice is greatly informed by the teaching I do in local elementary schools, Queen's University, the Royal Military College and at Nelson Street Studio.


I'm honoured to have been the 2018 Artist in Residence at Royal Military College, Kingston. My adventure continues with the commissioned work: RMC Four Pillars Art Project. This year-long venture combines interviews with students, faculty and staff, information from the RMC archives, research and COLLAGE. See my progress daily on Instagram.

After a more hectic life working in Toronto, I'm happy to call downtown Kingston home-with husband Steve, two teenage sons, and my faithful feline companion Theo Van Gogh.

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