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Cut and Paste

The RMC Four Pillars Art Project extended from

September 2018 to September 2023 . This video highlights the research, interviews and collaboration I made with Faculty, Cadets, Ex Cadets and Staff at the Royal Military College. Images of my collage in progress, the studios I inhabited and the people and locations that inspired me are included. 























The project culminated in The Four Pillars, a seven-by-nine-foot

cut and paste collage that chronicles the history of RMC from 1876 to 2023. The narrative shows the significance of attaining the four pillars: Military Leadership, Bilingualism, Academics and Physical Fitness. The Four Pillars and the research from the project are installed at Baronial Hall, Currie Building, RMC until mid 2025.

The Four Pillars and Nancy Douglas_edite

Project Interviews 2018-2023

Bgen (Ret’d)Bouchard

BGen (Ret'd) Dr. Harry Kowal

Dr. Phil Bates

Rear Admiral Kurtz

Chief Alain

BGen (Ret’d) Chris Ayotte

Col (Ret’d) Jean Bernier

MGen Frank Norman

Col (Ret’d) Bob Adams

Lena Beliveau

Commodore (Ret’d) Ed Murray

Capt (N) (Ret’d) Bob Thomas

Capt (Ret’d) Charlene Fawcett

Lt. Col (Ret’d)Tony Downs

Bill Griffis

Dr. Erika Behrisch 

Dr. Doug Delaney 

Darren Cates 

Dr. Grace Scoppio 

Martine Thivierge-Bournival

Ashley Mendes

Miranda Riley

Jeff Ridgeway 

Lt Colin de Grand Pres 

Capt Alexandria Alexuta

Lt Helonie Brisbois-Vouligny 

2Lt Melanie Rustenburg

Capt (Ret’d) Keith Orton

Jennifer Jordan

Nancy Marr

Excerpts included in Cut and Paste:

Nancy Douglas

#3015 Col (Ret’d) Bob Adams w/ Nancy Douglas

Dr. Grace Scoppio

#27242 Lieutenant Hélonie Brisbois-Vouligny w/ Nancy Douglas

#5300 Capt (N) (Ret’d) Bob Thomas w/ Nancy Douglas

Thank you to Aria Dashney for technical assistance and editing. 

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