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Drawing the Prize

Adult Art Workshops
(Saturday, October 14 & 21, 2023)

Thank you to all of the workshop participants, the Kingston Prize and Staff at the Firehall Theatre! 

It was such a relaxed environment and experiencing the portraits of the Kingston Prize up close was a treat!

Drawing the Prize was an art workshop for adults that explored the portraiture of the Kingston Prize 2023. Participants experienced the exhibition of Canadian portraiture at the Firehall Theatre through a guided tour of the portraits and a discussion of content and the artists who created them. A number of the works were discussed in depth including aspects of the portrait: the subject, storytelling, composition, use of art techniques and colour, etc. 


The workshop included an opportunity for art learning and art making both in the gallery and in the space just outside the gallery. Warm up drawings of the skull followed a coffee break, after which, participants were invited into the gallery space with a drawing board, pencils and a chair. Sketches of the portraits were created; Nancy offered drawing tips. 

The workshop ended with a fun scavenger hunt and voting for the People's Choice Award!

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